Thursday, 2 February 2017

4 Significant Benefits of Using a Sprinkler System to Irrigate Your Garden

Larger yards consume a lot of time to water manually, especially if you are growing fruits and vegetables. Depending on the kind of plants that you have grown, you may need to water them a couple of times or even more in a week especially during summers. By installing an artificial sprinkler system in your lawn or soil, you can ensure a lush and vibrant looking lawn. 

By installing an irrigation system that best suits your needs, you will be able to save both time and money. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of installing a sprinkler system for your landscape, as well as the environment: 

  • Conserves Water and Time: Watering manually with a hose can consume substantial amount of time. Modern irrigation systems have timers that could be preset as per the watering needs of your lawn or backyard. Once the watering is done, the timer shuts the water off thereby aiding in water conservation. With an efficient irrigation system by your side, significant energy savings resulting in lower energy bills could be enjoyed. 

  • Available in Various Types: Installing a sprinkler system can allow you to tailor your watering strategy as per the shape, size, and type of lawn you have as they come in a variety of types  such as revolving, oscillating, traveling and stationery sprinklers.
  • Preserves Soil Nutrients: Watering using a garden hose that isn’t designed to meet the specific watering requirement of your plants may either result in too much seepage of water into the soil resulting in erosion of essential nutrients necessary for proper growth of plants. Additionally, the soil may become compressed with plants showing signs of withering. Using sprinkler system allows small droplets that water the soil in a way that preserves nutrients and reduces soil compaction. 
  • Prevents the Growth of Weeds: Specialized sprinkler systems sprinkles water directly to the root ball’s of each plant, instead of sprinkling the entire lawn like a typical rain shower. As a result, weed seeds fail to germinate reducing you the hassle of weeding. This also prevents leaf diseases as the droplets do not remain standing on the foliage.
So, if you are looking for the right irrigation system then purchasing sprinkler systems from a reliable company can turn out to be the best bet for you. So, keep aside your garden hose and let ‘Image Sprinkler system do the needful for you.

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