Saturday, 14 May 2016

Tips for Maintaining Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

Not all sprinkler systems are the same as some come with different sprinkler heads, some have different scheduling patterns while some are simply better suited for a particular task than the others. Some would even hire an Irrigation Sprinkler Company In Jupiter, FL to install a sprinkler system that uses water more efficiently. No matter what type of sprinkler you use, there are simple steps that you can take to ensure that the sprinkler system works its best for the time to come.

Maintenance Checklist for Irrigation Sprinklers

Regular maintenance of your sprinkler system can help you save water, time and money. Follow these steps to save these resources.

Close the manual drains (they could have been left open when the sprinkler system was drained during last fall).
Gradually open the main valve, letting the piping between the valve and the cross connection prevention assembly to get filled with water.
Put pressure on the mainline from backflow prevention assembly to control valves. Open one of the control valves while you do this so that the air trapped inside the piping can escape via the sprinkler heads as the pipes get filled with water.
Have the back flow or cross connection assembly tested by any tester who is certified by the state. Contact the water provider in the area for specific information on regulations. Make sure you ask for the back flow or cross connection specialist.
Run the complete sprinkler system by operating one area at a time. As you do so, check for the signs mentioned below –
(a) Signs of any leak and damage to the piping or sprinkler heads that may have happened over the winter. Repair or replace as required.
(b) Spray patterns that are accurate. Adjust the sprinkler heads so that they carefully water the landscape, instead of the pavement or sidewalks. Also ensure that the water being sprayed is not blocked by garden furniture or plants.
Clean all the sprinkler heads and nozzles that are clogged.
Install the rain sensor as they are specially designed to shut off the sprinkler systems as rainfall reaches the preset amount of 1/4 inch. Once the moisture level goes down, the sensor enables once again the sprinkler system, resuming the former watering schedule. 

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